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2014-12-15: We’re moving to a new team for 2015: VDK racing

2014-04-27: Ries wins the first BMC weekend

2014-04-13: Ries shows tremendous speed during first BNL weekend

2013-09-01: welcome to our new website

2013-08-25: new press release in English

2013-08-25: nieuw persbericht in Nederlands

2013-08-25: Ries wins the championship



Calendar 2015

  • Racing
    • 15 Mar: ASAF X30 Mariembourg
    • 19 Apr: RACB X30 Mariembourg
    • 17 May: RACB X30 Spa
    • 28 Jun: ASAF X30 Dourvrin (F)
    • 5 Jul: BNL Rotax Ostricourt (F) - optional
    • 26 Jul: EURO KFJ Kristianstad (S)
    • 9 Aug: RACB X30 Ostricourt (F)
    • 23 Aug: BNL Rotax Genk - optional
    • 27 Sept: WORLD KFJ La Conca (I) - optional
    • 18 Oct: WORLD X30 Le Mans (F) - optional
    • 25 Oct: ASAF X30 Mariembourg
  • Events
    • Spaghetti evening: TBA

Contact me

if you’re interested in seeing Ries in action, the races are generally very exciting and always free to attend. If you cannot make it during one of the race dates above, we train most weekends and it’s always fun to receive visits. Contact us for more information.


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