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2014-12-15: We’re moving to a new team for 2015: VDK racing

2014-04-27: Ries wins the first BMC weekend

2014-04-13: Ries shows tremendous speed during first BNL weekend

2013-09-01: welcome to our new website

2013-08-25: new press release in English

2013-08-25: nieuw persbericht in Nederlands

2013-08-25: Ries wins the championship





  • and of course the past sponsors and various family members & friends who have contributed to my hobby.



  • VDK Racing
    Ries’ current kart team, has included Stoffel Vandoorne, Jules Bianchi, Jonathan Thonon.
  • Karting Genk
    The outdoor karting circuit where I can be found most often
  • GKS
    The kart team that has included Jensen Button, Jerome D’Ambrosio, Robin Frijns, Bertrand Baguette and .... me
  • BNL Karting Series
    The Benelux Rotax Max championship
  • First Kart Inn
    My favorite indoor karting circuit



  • Vroomkart press release about Ries
    Press release (in English) about Ries becoming 2013 champion
  • Autosport.nl artikel over Ries
    Nice article (in dutch) about Ries wrapping up the 2013 championship
  • Autosport.be persbericht over Ries
    Press release (in dutch) about Ries becoming 2013 champion
  • Koppen 2011-03-24
    TV news program, piece dedicated to how to get into Formula 1, with interviews of Ries and father Kris on karting
  • BNL 2009-08-30
    Extract of nationally aired TV program devoted to BNL series. This extract focusses on the micro-max class, and although it was his single worst result in 5 race weekends, he can be clearly seen during the race as well as on the podium in the end

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