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2014-12-15: We’re moving to a new team for 2015: VDK racing

2014-04-27: Ries wins the first BMC weekend

2014-04-13: Ries shows tremendous speed during first BNL weekend

2013-09-01: welcome to our new website

2013-08-25: new press release in English

2013-08-25: nieuw persbericht in Nederlands

2013-08-25: Ries wins the championship



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See below for the latest news and information concerning Ries and his racing activities

October-2015 - End of first X30 season with a dominating win!

After a poor mid-season, with lots of issues and setbacks, culminating in the poorest run of luck at the X30 world championships at Le Mans, Ries bounced back the very next weekend and dominated the last race of the season, in both wet and dry conditions. A positive way to close of the season, and start thinking about what we’ll do next year.

October-2015 - Miserable luck at X30 World Championships (Le Mans)

First some positives: Ries loves the track, flowing and high speed (top speed 129kph/80mph). The team was in good spirits too, and team “mom” Cathy had traveled to Le Mans to cook and take care of us all. Ries was very fast, constantly marking top 5 times during training, and posting 1st and 3rd times in both days’ morning warm-ups. But it all went wrong in qualifying, with a presumed bad set of tires putting Ries way back in the field. Added to this was a complete chaos during the race starts, with Ries’ kart taking some real damage in several heats (including not getting past the first corner in two of the heats). Cherry on the cake was the penalty Ries occurred because a pilot in front missed his braking point. The French top official that we dealt with was not particularly friendly, but even less empathic and could not control his ego getting in the way of correct/professional behaviour. This, along with the poor results lead to us finally giving up and going home before the finals. Too bad, this event has all the potential to be great, but still has some kinks to work out. The international press concurred.

July 2015 - European championship in Sweden

We were very fortunate to be able to go with our team VDK to participate in the European championship in Sweden. What an experience! No doubt this is the absolute top level of karting in the world, extremely professional, spectacularly fast, but also incredibly expensive. It was still a great experience, with Ries showing top 10 performances in several heats. Unfortunately there were technical issues too (engine would not start for the final heat), and an overzealous pilot crashed into Ries as they were about the start the semi-final race. Still Ries classified as 40th out of 80 pilots, and this for a first start in this class ever (where all other pilots were very experienced). Clearly a top 20 result would/should have been reached.

April 2015 - Great win, unfortunate penalty...

In only his second race with the new team, chassis and engine, Ries dominated the final and pulled away from a field of international pilots. He crossed the finish line first, but was unfortunately penalized for crossing the start corridor lines, even though no advantage was gained and he corrected before the start was given. The officials would not waiver, and Ries ends up classified fourth. Pity.

December-2014 - New team, new challenge for 2015

We have reached an agreement with VDK racing, currently the most successfull Belgian karting team in international racing. Lead by the Verdaasdonck brothers, Eric and Alain, Ries will find a new home with a new chassis (Kosmic), a new engine (X30) and a new competition series. We will also try to get in some international races. Thanks again to GKS for 6 seasons of support.

October-2014 - End of first junior season

Well, to be honest a good start to Ries’ first season has become a poor season ending. There has been a combination of bad luck, setbacks, competitors with poor sportsmanship, and a cyst in Ries’ wrist that was removed with full surgery at the end of the season. In the end we finish the championship third, very good for a first year in this super-competitive class, but more was possible. Still, thanks to all that supported us this year.

13-apr-2014 - First Junior Max win

Ries managed a very strong first BMC weekend by grabbing pole position and finishing a steady 3rd and 2nd in the races to take his first event win in Junior Max. This despite his lack of experience in this category against some drivers in their 4th season of Junior Max..

26-oct-2013 - First laps in a Junior Max

Ries did his first laps in Junior Max, and was very pleased. He’ll have to get used to the bigger chassis and the faster engine, but came off the kart with a huge grin on his face at the end of the day.

01-sept-2013 - New Website!

Yes, finally we’ve updated the look and feel of the website that we had originally made in 2008.

28-aug-2013 - Press Release // Persbericht

Here’s the press release for Ries’ championship season: new GKS champion

Hier vind je het persbericht terug van Ries zijn kampioenschap: jong GKS talent kampioen

25-aug-2013 - CHAMPION!!!!!

Ries wins the Rotax BNL championship, and tops it off with a great weekend win. Thanks to the GKS team, as well as all that supported us this year.

06-aug-2013 - time for some vacation

We’re off to the US to visit Ries’ grandfather, we’ll be back soon to prepare for the season ending final (which Ries leads)

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